The final course of the experimental Ágora seeks to connect the participants to create together, giving a place for collaborative work. We aim to build bridges between creators that could complement each other from different realities, such as the interest in a specific message or even the opposite, the use of similar or different techniques, being based in the same place or live far away from each other, or just because they have the desire to collaborate with another creator. The concrete challenge is to generate links between 2 or 3 participants to develop collaborative work, provoking the idea of the author as an individual.


With a total duration of 9 weeks, we’ll start with individual presentations and form the couples or groups. The following sessions will alternate between artists who work collectively, meetings for monitoring collaborative projects, and the provision of references and material to nurture the development of the co-authorial works. The collective discussion and crossovers between all the groups are especially relevant. The closure of the course consists of a meeting to show the works and we’ll look for possibilities to continue networking beyond the course.


9 Weeks

4 Meetings

2 Review of collaborative projects

3 Conferences

1 Chat to share materials and answer questions


Dates: February 14th to April 11th, 2022.

Duration: 22 teaching hours. Each student manages their time. The meetings have schedules but it is not mandatory to participate.

Requirements: It is recommended to prepare a project to present and learn about some experimental techniques.

Modality: online

Price: € 75

Language: English and subtitles

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Week 1 

- Opening of the course and presentation meeting with Pablo Giori

Week 2 

- Conference/Provision of resources and useful material


Week 3 

- Meeting with artists explaining their experiences with, among others, Lena Storjohann


Week 4 

- Meeting to monitor the collaborative projects


Week 5 

- Conference/Provision of resources and useful material


Week 6 

- Meeting to monitor collaborative projects


Week 7 

- Meeting with Creadores de Imagenes


Week 8 

- Conference/Provision of resources and useful material


Week 9 

- Final meeting for the presentation and celebration of projects