During this 9-week course, you will discover everything you need to know from experimental photography. Starting from understanding the photosensitivity of the materials, we will make an overview of their best-known techniques from the hand of respected artists of our festival. This theoretical and practical course was designed for all those who, coming from analog or digital photography, want to get closer to experimentation and understand its diversity and its basics. It‘s a constructive route that the student can go through week by week from the pre-recorded materials that we send, without ever feeling alone since they have the artists to unravel technical doubts and with our chat to be able to accompany them during their learning.


9 Weeks

10 Techniques

8 Conferences

2 Meetings

1 Chat to share materials and answer questions

Dates: from October 4 to November 27, 2021.

This carving is repeated in December and February

Duration: 28 teaching hours. Each student manages their time. The meetings have schedules but it is not mandatory to participate

Level: No previous knowledge is required

Modality: online

Price: € 50


Language: English

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Cyanotype -  Multiple exposure -  Film Swap -  Film Soup -  Redscale

Chemigrams  -  Alchemography - Pinhole -  Solarigraphy -  Experimental polaroid


Week 1: October 4th

- Workshop: CreativEXP. Creative photography workshop with  SIBUX
- Presentation meeting with Pablo Giori: Saturday, October 9, 20-21hs (Hora de España - GMT+2)


Week 2: October 11th

- Workshop: Film Soup LIVE: Magical Potion Cooking Class with Juliana Gagné

- Conference: History of experimental photography by Marc Lenot 


Week 3:  October 18th

- Workshop: Chance to power! Double exposure, portraits, and film swap with  Pablo Giori and Laura Ligari

- Conference: Multiple Exposure: Lena Storjohann and Kasia Kozinska

Week 4:  October 25th

- Conference: Experimental Films on the market by Vera & Patrice Baunov

Week 5: November 1st

- Workshop: Homemade chemigrams! Playing with photosensitivity at home by Irina Chernikova

- Conference:

Cameraless photography by George Roast, Irina Chernikova and Sophie Sherwood

Alchemography by Alexandros Kantoros


Week 6: November 8th

- Workshop: Cyanotype by Sara Poer


Week 7: November 15th

- Conference: Solarigraphy and Beyond by Kasia Kozinsca and Maciej Zapiór

- Conference: Pinhole photography and solarigraphy with  Carlos Erices, Javier Piñana, and Jordi Bofill


Week 8: November 22nd


- Workshop: Polarexp: experimental Polaroid, transfer lift and double exposure with  Gal Wachs

- Conference: Instant Photography by Felicita Russo and Erin Delsigne

Week 9: November 27th

- Closing meeting with Pablo Giori: Saturday, November 27, 20-21hs (Hora de España - GMT+2)