This course focuses on the creation of the message as the main goal of experimental processes in photography. We’ll start from the conceptualization of an idea to take it to a project able to communicate through the image language. This is a space for thinking and debate about the use of experimental techniques as a creative resource. The dialogue between participants and tutors is very important to nurture individual projects as well as sharing our particular visions.


The proposal is to jump into a 9-week program, starting with a portfolio review. The following weeks will alternate between conferences and meetings with Pablo Giori: “Long life to your images”, who will present topics such as planning, creation, and production strategies. In addition, he will also review the participant’s projects in progress. Once we’ve got the message, we’ll move towards the communication with an Open Design Studio masterclass on how to materialize this message. The closure of the course consists of a meeting and celebration showing the projects and looking for the chance to take them into the next step: a collaborative project.


9 Weeks

3 Meetings

2 Portfolio Review

6 Conferences

1 Chat to share materials and answer questions


Dates: December 11th, 2021 to February 4th, 2022.

Duration: 22 teaching hours. Each student manages their time. The meetings have schedules but it is not mandatory to participate.

Level: It's recommended to prepare a project to present and know some techniques.

Modality: online

Price: € 75

Language: English with subtitles

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Week 1: December 11th 

- Presentation meeting with Pablo Giori and portfolio review with Stig Marlon Weston


Week 2: December 13th  

- Conferences:


Week 3: December 18th  

- Meeting to present projects and look for tasks to be developed with Pablo Giori


Week 4: December 27th  

- Conferences to be decided


Week 5: January 7th 

- Meeting on planning, creation, and production strategies with Pablo Giori


Week 6: January 14th 

- Meeting: Contar nuestra historia con Mariana Manuela Bellone

Week 7: January 21th  

- Meeting on dissemination and conservation of experimental art with Pablo Giori

Week 8: January 8th 

- Meeting with Stig Marlon Weston on format and materialization of the message


Week 9: February 4th 

- Final meeting for the presentation and celebration of projects