During this 9-week course, we’ll work with experimental techniques to discover connections and find new ways of mixing them. We’ll start thinking about the possibilities of photography and the photosensitive attributes of materials with a series of conferences that discuss these matters directly or indirectly. Based on the ideas that come up, we’ll do a Lab on Crazy Ideas, a live meeting to share ideas and look for ways in which they could be materialized.


The purpose of the first course is to be able to come up with new projects that are born from the mixture of the best-known experimental techniques to create new images and procedures. In the following weeks, we’ll be working on pre-recorded conferences and workshops, from the theoretical to the practical aspects to deepen and further develop our ideas. The course closure consists of a meeting where we’ll present the created works and look for possibilities to continue growing within experimentation.


9 Weeks

10 Conferences

4 Workshops

2 Meetings

1 Lab on Crazy Ideas

1 Chat to share materials and answer questions


Dates: from October 10th to December 4th.

Duration: 22 teaching hours. Each student manages their time. The meetings have schedules but it is not mandatory to participate.

Level: Basic knowledge of some experimental technique

Modality: online

Price: € 75

Language: English and subtitles

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Week 1: October 10th

- Meeting for the presentation of participants and course with Pablo Giori: Sunday, October 10, 20-21hs ENG (Spanish time - GMT + 2)


Week 2: October 11th


Multiple Exposure with Lena Storjohann and Kasia Kozinska

Experimental Cinema with Francesca Svampa and Deneb Martos

Arte y fotografía: Poesía, cocina y danza con Marta Marín y Chango

Week 3: October 18th


Antotype and chlorophyll development with Valeria Elide Salcedo and Kimberly Halyburton

No Good Dirty Negatives with Kelli M. Perletti

Experimental Architecture with Gisle Nataas and Albert Montilla

- Lab on Crazy Ideas: Saturday, October 23th 19-21hs ENG (Spanish time - GMT + 2) 

With the participation of Irina Chernikova (EEUU) and Maciej Zapiór (PL)

Week 4: October 25th


- Workshop: Chemical Interventions in Polaroid with Rosalie Anderson


Week 5: November 1st

- Conference: The Aesthetics of Expired Film with Vera  & Patrice Baunov


Week 6: November 8th

- Workshop: Cyanotype: space and time as photographic negatives with Virginia dal Magro

Week 7: November 15th

- Conference: Alternative Photography Printing Techniques with Ergül Karagözoğlu and  Gül Cevikoglu

Week 8: November 22nd


- Workshop: Intervened photography mixing techniques with Belén Vilanova

Week 9: November 29th

- Conference: Intervened Photography with  Nieves Mingueza, Belén Vilanova and Luis Estopiñán

- Final meeting for the presentation and celebration of mixed projects: Saturday, December 4th, 20-21hs ENG (Spanish time - GMT + 2)