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EXP.21 and EXP.Phototoprojects are part of an association that not only seeks to organize an annual festival, workshops, tours and publish books and catalogs, but is an international platform that encourages experimentation, networking, innovation and future collaborations among all participants in our community of experimental photographers.


There are many ways to collaborate to convert EXP.21 into a global space for meeting, dialogue and learning!

If you have a company or an association, you can become partners of our association and collaborate in the production and dissemination of our activities, meetings, workshops and books. This collaboration can be materialized in support of certain specific activities of the festival, in reducing the production costs of the exhibitions or the catalog, in gifts for the participants, in advertising exchanges, among others.

If you have a company and want to collaborate, write us


If you are a person or an association, you can collaborate with us in various ways to ensure economic sustainability and the growth of the festival. The easiest way to support us is to spread the festival among your acquaintances and friends so that they also participate in our activities but you also help us a lot by buying our products and publications  or donating money. 


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