Community = Subscriptions + Donations

The Experimentalphotofestival Association was born from the need to be a worldwide meeting place for a COMMUNITY of experimenters. We are the only festival with a TRANSPARENCY website where you can see at the moment where your money comes from and where it goes because we understand that we manage money that is not ours, it is what we have generated together to make this meeting possible. Although we have asked for them for the last three years we do not have public or private subsidies, all the money comes from the registrations. With that, we have to pay our workers, artists and volunteers, space rentals, catalogue, graphic design, insurance, platform and bank commissions and all taxes. After having tried to make the festival sustainable with three years of very hard work and without our management being able to collect only 5% of their work, we ask you for help in the form of a donation to be able to pay the debt that has been generated from this festival. We have understood that it is very important to take care of ourselves too, to make this a "normal" job and that we cannot have 5 jobs at the same time, it is not sustainable for us. We are in a process of formulating the festival to make it financially sustainable over time, since if it is not possible to pay the minimum expenses for it, we will not be able to continue doing so, much to our regret.

your money will be used to pay a DEBT of:

It comes from:
- The costs have risen between when we put the price on the tickets (September, 2021) and the festival, both due to inflation and because the spaces we use have charge us more each year (from 1,500 to 4,000 euros) and the following year will be worse.
- Our community is small and does not grow: 125 participants in EXP.20, 146 in EXP.21 and 139 in EXP.22. Our idea was that without Covid we will reach 250 people.
- Total lack of institutional support from the government of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. It is the third year that we have asked for the three subsidies and they have only given us 1,000 euros when other festivals receive between 14,000 and 125,000 euros.

In addition, we have taken a series of measures to contain the debt for EXP.23:
- Reduce the days of the festival, from 5 to 4.
- Reduce catalogue expenses, from 7 to 4.000.
- Reduce the number of artists, from 44 to 30.
- Reduce the rooms that are streamed online from 2 to 1.
With this, we can reduce up to 6,000 euros and make the festival sustainable.

We have different ways for you to help us:

  • Comunidad | Communit

    Every year
    Todo va a estar todo bien! | Everything will be all right!
    • Ser parte de nuestra comunidad por solo 4,1 euros al mes!
    • Be part of our community for only 4.1 euros per month!
  • Hogar | Home

    Every year
    Te vas a sentir como en casa! | You will feel at home!
    • Vivir en nuestro hogar por solo 8,2 euros al mes!
    • Live in our home for only 8.2 euros per month!
  • Amigues | Friends

    Every year
    Puedes llorar con ellos! | You can cry with them!
    • Ser amiguis por solo 16,6 euros al mes!
    • Being friends for only 16.6 euros per month!
  • Futuristas | Futuris

    Every year
    Hacer realidad tus sueños! | Make your dreams true!
    • Hacer realidad los proyectos por solo 25 euros al mes!
    • Make projects come true for only 25 euros per month!

Annual subscriptions

One time donations!