open call

Between June 1st and July 1st, 2020, we have our open call to anyone interested in giving conferences, workshops, and curating the exhibitions of the EXP.21 festival. The results will be communicated individually by email from July 15.


The selected artists will be officially invited to participate in the festival and they do not have to register or pay because they will be offered a financial compensation of 50 euros, plus the three-day meal and the official merchandising: bag, shirt, and catalog. As can be seen on our transparency page, in our festival there are 117 people who receive this compensation (55 artists, 12 workers, and 50 volunteers) for 240 people who pay to register. For this reason, we cannot make more than a symbolic payment to all of them.

Those not selected will participate in the festival by registering and presenting their dossier to be studied by the curators to take part in one of the exhibitions.

Our approach to experimental photography is found in the cross between disciplines and we value proposals related to exhibitions, photo books, cinema, video, architecture, sculpture, dance, etc., from an experimental point of view. For us, all festival participants are equal and come to share, teach, and learn. Some of you will give workshops, other conferences, and others will show their work in the exhibitions.


General Rules.

  • Each year the festival presents new content and new protagonists to give space to all the members of our community. The invited artists of EXP.20 cannot present themselves for this open call, they must register as participants at a special price.

  • All the selected artists must present themselves on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 in the morning at the designated places to prepare the workshops, check the materials, review the technical needs and know the spaces and other participants of the conferences.

  • Upon acceptance as an invited artist, a mandatory contract will be sent to you to sign with the conditions set forth there and other details. This contract will stipulate the form of payment of economic compensation.

  • Among the invited artists, works of different experimental techniques will be selected to create the official posters to disseminate the festival. Our community is built by word of mouth and we don’t advertise, so we always appreciate your help with the diffusion between your contact networks.

  • The festival does not organize parallel activities during the week before and after the event and we recommend that the guest artists not plan them either.

Workshops and conferences.


The EXP.21 festival organizes for the first time an open call for 40 artists who want to do workshops and conferences during the festival.


In the form below you must attach:


  1. a biography, between 250 and 500 words (English and Spanish, if you can);

  2. a dossier in PDF explaining your work;

  3. a selection of 10 of your works in JPG (10 MB maximum);

  4. the proposal of the conferences and workshops in PDF (with the list and the estimated price of the materials for 15 people);

  5. a high-quality portrait in JPG.

Specific rules:

  • The workshops have a maximum duration of three and a half hours and are given for an average of 15-20 participants. When making a proposal, keep in mind that the available darkrooms are limited, so it is recommended to suggest their use only in case it is necessary for the realization of the workshop. Most of the workshop spaces are classrooms that can get dark, where there are tables and a projector.

  • The conferences are an hour and a half in a room for 30-70 people with the possibility of projecting images from a computer. For the conferences you can propose debates, dialogues between artists or reflections on experimental photography and they are going to be done by two or three artists decided by the festival according to a thematic criterion.

  • Each guest artist must conduct the same workshop twice (once for the initiation level and another expert) and speak in one or two conferences on topics related to their work.

  • The jury is made up of the festival workers with the support of artists from EXP.20. The selection will be developed following three criteria: it's an unseen, revolutionary, and experimental proposal, diversity to have artists from all areas of experimental photography, and gender equality.

  • As our goal is to create a community and start a sincere dialogue between all the participants, the invited artists must be present during all the days of the festival.

  • When planning workshops and conferences, the festival keeps the right to invite participants to be part of them explaining their work, without changing their status as a participant.



EXP.21 festival organizes for the first time an open call for curators with a special interest in developing an experimental exhibition in one of the spaces available during our festival. We encourage the creation of an individual or collective experimental exhibition with the artworks sent by the participants.

In the form below you must attach:


  1. a dossier in PDF explaining your curatorial works or artistic career in visual arts where you include a short CV;

  2. your biography written in a text of between 300 and 600 words (English and Spanish, if you can) where your personal and artistic interests are explained;

  3. a high quality portrait in JPG;

  4. a motivation letter stating the reasons why you want to work in this festival.



Specific rules:

  • The spaces proposed for the exhibitions are in the Center Civic Pati Llimona, the I.E.F.C. and a private gallery not confirmed. The exhibits will open during the festival and will remain open for a month.

  • The jury is made up of the festival workers with the support of artists from EXP.20.

  • The theme is totally free, it will be developed in dialogue with the responsible for the exhibitions of the festival and will be built from the material sent by the participants of the EXP.21.

  • Each exhibition will have a maximum budget of 400 euros that is divided between the pre-production expenses incurred by the festival and the production costs incurred by each curator.

  • The selected curators must commit to be in the city of Barcelona for the set-up on Monday, January 11, in the morning and stay until the closing of the festival, on Sunday, January 17.

Generals conditions

The formalization of the registration implies the acceptance of the following rules, the same for all participants. Photographic copies can be sold (with the permission of the author) by the non-profit association Experimentalphotofestival after the exhibitions in order to allow the sustainability of the project and only to finance the organization of the next event. Participants will have priority and a discount to buy any of the works. No financial compensation of authorship will be offered for the sale of their works, because they are printed with the fee paid by all the participants. Upon registration, participants automatically accept the legal conditions of the festival: they grant the Experimentalphotofestival association the non-exclusive right to use and reproduce the photographs presented (always indicating the photographer's name and the title of the work) for promotion (for example: newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, the festival's websites, IEFC, Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and the galleries where the exhibitions are held), exhibition and commercial purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyright and ownership of the works. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. Experimentalphotofestival will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement of the rights of privacy, property or copyright of others, caused by the creation or presentation of their work in public. The Experimentalphotofestival association reserves the right to exclude from the festival those dossiers and participants that infringe the general conditions of participation or that infringe the copyright, human or privacy rights. The payment will not be refunded if the participant decides not to come to Barcelona.

See you in Barcelona!