September 16, 2021



Same as in every month between festivals, we kick-start an open call for this virtual exhibition curated by Naroa Pérez

Exposición virtual.png

Unlike last year where the exhibitions were based on techniques, this year we will work on the concepts and challenges that we suggested for EXP.22: mixing techniques, searching for the message, and working in community.

To show this perspective change, we wanted to start with the proposal of Naroa, an artist from EXP.20, where she gave a conference around the three concepts that this exhibit revolves around. As she herself comments: "My dear Svetlana Boym explains in her Off-Modern Manifesto:

• "Yes, this margin of error is our margin of freedom"

• “The error is a chance encounter between us and the machines in which we surprise each other“


• “In order to be inclusive, the project has to remain incomplete, intuitive, and imperfect, but never unrigorous. As aesthetics of failure is part of the success of Off-Modern experimentation, improvisation, and humor.”

For this exhibition, we are looking for works that celebrate these 3 concepts: Error, chance, and repetition. If you identify and your work is centered around these ideas, send it to the call and we will create an incredible online exhibition.

-open call between September 10th and 20th

This exhibition is possible thanks to the support of:  Femgraphy  |  Image creators  |  Hanalogital 


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