October 10th, 2021



As every month between festivals, we open a call for a virtual exhibition, in this case curated by Chiara Salvi from Alternative Processes

Unlike last year where the exhibitions were based on techniques, this year we will work on the concepts and challenges that we proposed for EXP.22: mixing techniques, searching for the message and working in community.

To show this turn of perspective, we wanted to do an exhibition with Chiara Salvi and Alternative Processes to look for all those projects built on mixed experimental techniques. We know that there are many artists to discover and this is our grain of sand.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce produced the first photograph in 1826, since then, more than 150 different photographic processes have been invented. 

Traditionalists approach chemical photography with a molecular-like precision in order to obtain the clearest possible result. As of today, Alternative Processes and Experimentalphotofestival want to break these boundaries and combine different techniques and processes, while looking at anything to be used as a potential canvas.  Traditional photographic techniques already offer an infinite number of creative opportunities, so what happens if we start mixing alternative processes? A world of unexpected and dramatic compositional strategies opens up. How can these techniques interact with each other?


Whomever you are. We want to see your work. 

-Open call between October 10th and 20th

This exhibition is possible thanks to the support of: Alternative Processes


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