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This is an experimental, conceptual, and intentionally provocative exhibition with a formal approach that aims to initiate questioning the status quo of art exhibitions through questioning it, refusing it, and playing with it. It’s an exhibition with the clear intent to not represent traditional exhibitions but to question the structures within them. The manipulation of some basic established parameters of the art exhibition system are invitations to reflect and produce a collective debate. As an adaption of the Dadaist movement, it could be said: this is not an exhibition, this is a wake-up call with the purpose to inspire people to question the ordinary ways, rethink them and create exhibitions in the same experimental and creative spirit they embody when playing with experimental photography techniques already. This exhibition is an invitation to find creative and temporary answers, to spread thoughts & questions further, and play.

The Artist Exhibition
Curated by  Lena Storjohann and assisted by a digital algorithm

2. The Artist Exhibition_feed.jpg

Author of the photograph  @Jana Dillo

/ˈärˌkīv/ anth(r)opogeny in contemporary photography
Curated by  Cali M. Banks

4. Expo IEFC _feed.jpg

Author of the photograph  @Carlos del Rio

This exhibition explores what it means to place oneself into an archive- physically and/or metaphorically. Archives allow us to reimagine the past, live in the present, and conceptualize the future. The idea of photography in itself is archival, but how can those boundaries be pushed? Archives can be expressed through familial narratives, critical race theory, gender and sexuality studies, and even historical photographic processes. Theories around archives can be tied to memories, nostalgia, and generational identity. Each artist and viewer tends to create their own contextual narrative when viewing as we do when we find antiquities from pre-text history. New narratives can be formed when the artist applies their own contemporary interests to the work. Then, archives may lose their original intent and context, while being able to construct new concepts. On the other hand, the archival nature of the work may also be restored. The three floors will be separated thematically by body, nature, and experience. This exhibition aims to allow artists to reclaim their own history, bodies, and environment, and express their experiences in a way that feels genuine to them.

Among Bodies
Curated by  Camilo Londoño Hernández

French philosopher Jean Luc Nancy says: “A body is not empty. It is full of other bodies”. So, we seek images, words, and gestures to confirm his idea. We dig into our skin or look at others for a sign like a Russian doll. We are anatomists with inexhaustible curiosity. Staring at the mirror, taking pictures of each other, posing and disarticulating movements, we aim to understand what kind of material we inhabit. Ineffectively, we fail. We want to know what body means. In other words, we wonder about the physical limits of our existence. Such wonderings lay the foundation for this exhibition. Here, the artists display techniques, imaginaries, pains, and feelings to go through this corporeality. They expand the idea of the body as an emotional, visual, and conceptual vehicle. Their narratives do not pretend to explain what we understand by the body biologically. On the contrary, their approaches detonate another sensibility. From intimacy or nudity to the formal exploration of playing with the body in space (public, private, or virtual), these images are an invitation to make the body a livable space. Here the gaze expands to give us a series of surreal landscapes where we can arrange and dissect the bodily multitude that we contain.

1. Among Bodies_feed.jpg

Author of the photograph  @Julia Skopnik

Ephemeral rituals of audiovisual consumption
Curated and intervened by Belén Vilanova, Marta Martín Suárez and Matías Niklison

5. Expo Mutuo_feed.jpg

Ephemeral performance exhibition that includes other disciplines and techniques applied to photography. The message questions conventional photographic exhibitions: what is exhibited, how it is exhibited, why and what is its message in increasingly changing and ephemeral works. Do these messages disappear or are they transformed into others? Starting from the context of contemporaneity with profound changes in the way of transmitting concepts both formally and conceptually and experientially. From the ephemeral, we seek to reflect on the transformation of the works and the exhibition spaces and their "rituals". What we will do concretely they will see and live that day in the "exhibition".

Author of the photograph  @Paula Pink

Curated by  Isla Colectivo

In the semi-lucidity of the dream, the reflections fragment and reflect mysterious signs, times and messages... The hidden language of the universe finds in the alchemical dazzle a way to sensitize the collective unconscious, the extended vibration in this audiovisual work transmutes the real into the imaginary. Medium, creator and witness of the exaltation of the moment, of its brilliance and its intensity; a march towards the cosmic eternity of the image.

3. Lux e Trance _feed.jpg

Author of the photograph  @Bryce Watanasoponwong:

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