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Towards a collective reinvention.

Curated by Esteban Pastorino

Almost 200 years ago Nicéphore Niépce carried out his first photographic experiments with a camera obscura on a photosensitive surface. Since then, our perception and understanding of the universe - time and physical space - have changed thanks to advances in knowledge and technology. Despite these changes, many of us continue to register the world in a way and with tools, although technically more advanced, conceptually similar to Niépce's.In a world where we continually see the old paradigms disappear, it is necessary to rethink and reinvent our practice according to our realities.

We can continue to do photography like Daguerre, Talbot, Atkins, Nadar, Fenton, or Le Gray, but we can also think about expanding their codes, their techniques, their language. This new construction can hardly be done by an individual. We must question ourselves, try, mistake, and perhaps get it right, to move forward together.

This is an invitation to take risks, to think aloud, to express ourselves without fear of not being understood, to abandon the comfort of the known; thus hoping to lead photography to take a small step forward.




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