online exhibitions

Every month we open a call for thematic virtual exhibitions, each one curated by specialists of different experimental techniques. Of all the proposals that you will send to us, we will select 9 artists for each technique to publish their work in a virtual gallery on our website and social networks.






Curated by Belén Vilanova

From January 15 to 25 (11:59 p.m. Barcelona time)


Exhibition: February 2020



With the support of Cooperativa Atkins






Curated by Mark Tamer




Selected artists

Flora Fanzutti - France

Angela Allison - UK

Nahikari Mora - Spain

Gabby Sumney - USA

Raina Vlaskovska - Norway / Bulgaria

Axel Calatayud - Mexico

Alexander Gustaf-Thompson - Sweden

Daniel Staveley - UK

Gábor Enikő - Hungary






With the support of




1-Marjolaine-Portrait Marjolaine.jpg

Curated by Marjolaine Vaurnesson



Selected artists

Ina Echternach - Germany

Selena Herrera - US

Irina Chernikova - US

Cedric Casper - Germany

Lucy Onzon - France

Lilian Wildeboer - Netherlands

Koichiro Kojima - Japan

Géraldine Villemain - France

Giovanni Previdi - Italy






With the support of Polaroid and

Instant photographers





  • The whole community can participate

  • Participation is free and one submission per person is allowed

  • Selection criteria: experimentation, diversity and quality of techniques and gender equality

  • By filling out the form, you accept these conditions and give us permission to spread your photographs on our website and social networks, always indicating the authorship.

Fill in the form with

  • 5 images (up to 15MB total)

  • Name

  • Email

  • Instagram

  • Technique

  • Place of residence

  • Biography (Esp-Eng, if possible), up to 1000 characters

  • Description of the project or technique used, up to 1000 characters

Next calls



Experimental cyanotype curated by Will Creech

The call opens on February 15


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