online exhibitions

Every month we open a call for thematic virtual exhibitions, each one curated by specialists of different experimental techniques. Of all the proposals that you will send to us, we will select 9 artists for each technique to publish their work in a virtual gallery on our website and social networks.


Curated by Will Creech

  Selected artists

Ralf Jacobs- Netherlands

Julya Hajnoczky- Canada

Vitor Malva- Portugal

Paolo Saccheri- Spain

Natali Bravo-Barbee- USA

Catherine Orr- UK

Laura Ana Louise Schmelzer- Germany

Eleanor Suess- UK

Andréa Bracher- Brazil

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London Alt Photo


Curated by Kümei Kirschmann




  Selected artists


Scott McMahon & Ahmed Salvador - USA

Paz Secundini - Argentina

Guillermo Alvarez - Argentina

Mauricio Sapata - Brazil

Marijke Schutte - Netherlands

Diana Pankova & Jeff McConnell - USA and Belarus

Ria Wank - Germany

Giles W. Bennett - UK

Marissa Blossom - USA  




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and Oaxaca Estenopeica




Curated by Mark Tamer




Selected artists

Flora Fanzutti - France

Angela Allison - UK

Nahikari Mora - Spain

Gabby Sumney - USA

Raina Vlaskovska - Norway / Bulgaria

Axel Calatayud - Mexico

Alexander Gustaf-Thompson - Sweden

Daniel Staveley - UK

Gábor Enikő - Hungary






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1-Marjolaine-Portrait Marjolaine.jpg

Curated by Marjolaine Vaurnesson



Selected artists

Ina Echternach - Germany

Selena Herrera - US

Irina Chernikova - US

Cedric Casper - Germany

Lucy Onzon - France

Lilian Wildeboer - Netherlands

Koichiro Kojima - Japan

Géraldine Villemain - France

Giovanni Previdi - Italy






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Instant photographers