"If I had to describe my weekend at EXP.20, I would say it was the summer camp experience I always wished I had."

Michael Behlen, director of Analog Forever Magazine.

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Do you want to participate? 

The international festival on experimental photography EXP.21 is possible thanks to the support of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona. More than 300 international artists and photography enthusiasts will meet with the aim of generating a common space to share, learn and discuss about experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, lens and films rolls to printing processes, intervention and production of copies, exhibitions and photobooks. Among the organized activities are conferences, project presentations, collective laboratories on photographical project, workshops and six collective and individual exhibitions. The festival program and the participants will be announced in our official accounts from July 15th. We invite photographers of all levels interested in experimental photography in a broad sense. Participants can attach a dossier with their work to be studied by the curatorial team to be part of the exhibitions.



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* If you buy a presential ticket and, finally, for whatever reason, you cannot travel to Barcelona, we will offer you the possibility of exchanging it for one of the virtual festival, at the same price. The idea is that nobody loses money and everyone can participate.

Go to our Transparency webpage and find out exactly where your money is going


 1. The international festival of experimental photography EXP.21 is open to photographers of all levels interested in experimental photography, both for those consolidated and for beginners.


2. The registration fee includes:

  • The admission to all festival activities during the five days: conferences, project presentations, collective laboratories on photographic project, and exhibition openings.

  • The number of tickets purchased for the 3 and a half hour workshops (minimum one).

  • The possibility that any of the photographs included in your dossier may be chosen by the curatorial team to participate in a collective or individual exhibition. Some of the exhibitions produced at the festival can travel during the year 2021 through different cities around the world, so they will be signed a temporary contract for the assignment of work.

  • Participation in a portfolio review. There are 60 places, the first to respond to the email will be selected.

3. You cannot buy separate workshops without paying for the general registration of the festival. The price is the same for all participants and does not include accommodation, transportation, or food.

4. The maximum number of participants will be 300 people and the registration process will be closed once this quota has been reached.

5. At the end of this page you will have the possibility to fill in the registration form, attach your dossier and proceed to make the payment. The whole procedure must be done continuously so we recommend preparing your material in advance. If you have any questions about the process you can write us to

6. It is also possible to participate without sending an artistic dossier. The dossier may consist of a project or of different photographs selected by the artist. This must include till 10 images, a description of the project and/or a statement by the artist. Those who send a clear, coherent, and complete project will be more likely to be selected for individual exhibitions. In addition, it will be positively assessed that the project will be accompanied by an experimental exhibition proposal subject to modification by the curatorial team. The images will be attached in .JPG format with the author's last name (Surname_number), not exceeding 20 Mb between all of them. Shipments via WeTransfer or TIFF files will not be accepted.

7. Finally, in order to strengthen our community and so that everyone knows each other before coming to the festival, we will publish an image each day created by a confirmed participant on our social networks.



Covid 19, experimental photography and Barcelona

  We are aware that the world situation complicates the organization of cultural events like ours, but we know that culture is safe and that by respecting all sanitary measures there are no risks of carrying out this type of event. The EXP.21 is a festival for 400 people in three large spaces that have a capacity for more than 1000 in normal conditions. Based on the situation of the summer of 2020, the festival can be carried out perfectly as the situation has improved and vaccination progresses in all countries. For a question of responsibility, we want to inform you that in the case of buying a ticket and not being able to physically participate in the festival because the borders of your country are closed or Spain does not allow the entry of people from your country: 1) we can exchange your ticket for one of the EXP. 22 or 2) give you one for the virtual festival and online workshops. The festival was born with the idea of seeing each other, getting together, and sharing, leaving the virtual to pass into reality, to twin and create shared projects. Your support and trust are very important to us and that is why we ask you to make the effort to come and share with us during our experimental summer camp in Barcelona! At this time the Spanish borders are open and citizens of most countries can enter with a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before the trip. To obtain updated information from the Government of Spain, click here.

Rules and regulations

 1. The projects and the photographs presented can be of all kinds, even if they have already been exhibited, published or awarded previously. We accept dossiers or works made by multiple authors (as in the case of film swap) but each of the authors must pay their registration fee if both wish to participate in the festival's activities in Barcelona.


2. If you think you can participate in the festival by doing a workshop or explaining your work at the conferences, send us this information in the “Other comments” section of the form. The festival program draws on both invited artists and participants that we invite to collaborate explaining their work, without changing their status as a participant.

3. During the event there will be six exhibitions and each space will select a curator to choose from all dossiers presented. The selection is final. Each space can freely decide how many artists to exhibit and how to do it. It is not possible to participate in the exhibitions without registering or being physically present during the activities in Barcelona.

4. The artists who are chosen to participate in the exhibitions will have no additional costs, but their participation and presence is required from July 19 for the montage. May 20 will be the last day to present dossiers for the exhibitions, after this date the registrants will not have the right to participate in the exhibitions.

5. The projects selected for the collective or individual exhibitions will be made public on May 30th and participants will have to send the required images in high quality (high-resolution TIFF 3000x5000, 300DPI) to begin the production of the exhibitions. According to each curator, the works can be brought by the artists or reproduced by the festival, but in both cases they must stay in Barcelona for the entire month of the exhibition. Since some works may participate in traveling exhibitions in different parts of the world, artists will be asked to sign a loan contract with the festival for the duration of one year.

6. To attend the discussion panels and the presentations of projects and experiences it is not necessary to register previously.

7. To participate in the workshops it is mandatory to make a previous registration, since these have a limited capacity. From September-October the workshops will be unveiled and the inscriptions will be opened in the order you have done the registration. Please be attentive to email as the artists doing the workshops can ask you to bring special materials.

8. The official communication channels of the festival are the Instagram account @experimentalphotofestival, the hashtag #experimentalphotofestival and For better communication, we have created a Telegram group ( where everyone can get in touch with the other participants and share information, questions and queries.

9. During the festival we will have a stand where participants can sell small objects, such as books, film rolls, fanzines, cameras or postcards in a space of 20x30 centimeters, without cost or commission for the festival. The only thing you are asked for is that the products have a single price to simplify the payment and the refund of the money. In November we will do an open call to propose products to sell and we will make a selection according to the type to be as varied as possible. Later, we will inform the selected ones and the place where their products are going to be sold, since we will have two stands, one at the IEFC and the other at the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona. Everyone must withdraw their products before Saturday (those who have their products at the Pati Llimona) or Sunday (those who have their products at the IEFC) at 7 pm. The organization is not responsible for the shipment of the material that remains after this moment and all the expenses generated will be borne by the artist.

Ready to share, learn and discuss about

experimental photography?

See you in Barcelona!

General conditions

The formalization of the registration implies the acceptance of the following rules, the same for all participants. Photographic copies can be sold (with the permission of the author) by the non-profit association Experimentalphotofestival after the exhibitions in order to allow the sustainability of the project and only to finance the organization of the next event. Participants will have priority and a discount to buy any of the works. No financial compensation of authorship will be offered for the sale of their works, because they are printed with the fee paid by all the participants. Upon registration, participants automatically accept the legal conditions of the festival: they grant the Experimentalphotofestival association the non-exclusive right to use and reproduce the photographs presented (always indicating the photographer's name and the title of the work) for promotion (for example: newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, the festival's websites, IEFC, Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and the galleries where the exhibitions are held), exhibition and commercial purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyright and ownership of the works. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. Experimentalphotofestival will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement of the rights of privacy, property or copyright of others, caused by the creation or presentation of their work in public. The Experimentalphotofestival association reserves the right to exclude from the festival those dossiers and participants that infringe the general conditions of participation or that infringe the copyright, human or privacy rights. The payment will not be refunded if the participant decides not to come to Barcelona and alternatives will be offered in the event of border closures or quarantines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.