FESTIVAL  September 16, 2021

 EXP.21 Online, on sale!

We have created Àgora, but nonetheless we believe it’s very important to keep the EXP.21 festival as an event that you can live as a whole.

What does that mean?


Although we use some of those contents for Àgora, it is also possible to buy the 36 conferences and the 5 virtual workshops as they happened during the festival. The experience and learnings you get from the festival is different that one of Àgora, where we share the contents and education in paths specially designed for evolving on the experimentation. If you are interested in some specific content or workshop, if you don’t have the availability to do a full course or if you want to create your own studies itinerary, you can still get in and buy contents of the Online EXP.21 in an individual way.


For that reason, we are going to keep the possibility to access and buy the Online EXP.21, the 36 conferences, more than 50 hours, for just 29 euros and each one of the workshops for just 15 euros each.