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is a non-publishing house designed to edit books by experimental authors. We produce and promote self-published books by experimental authors of little diffusion and we make an annual open call to produce and publish a no-photobook.

Photobooks that are not just books.  

by Belen Vilanova


Our first project:  For inside | Into of Belén Vilanova

designed and conceptualized by Aida Navajas

This book is a laboratory on self-image. It is an introspective game, a record of processes that show a way of operating on my own memory, on the changes and fragility of life. 

This book is divided into four chapters, one for each stage lived:

C1. Solidifying Childhood;

C2. Youth is Boiling;

C3. Incinerating Adolescence and;

C4. An Evaporated Present


for the creation of an experimental photobook

For the 2022 edition, we have received 44 projects from 25 countries around the world with 55% carried out by women.  After studying all the projects, we can say that we have been surprised by the quality, diversity and quantity of projects submitted.  Then a presentation of the pre-selected and a creation workshop during EXP.22, Sergio Lairisa and Aida Navajas have ruled these 4 projects as the selected ones:


- Ed Back - 100,000,000 Years 

- Max Van der Wal - ID 

- Morgana Costa Ucher - Shadow of the universe 

- María Antonella Calcagno Pueyo - Not street photography

These projects will begin to be produced from September to be published before and presented during EXP.23. Congratulations to the winners!