is a non-publishing house designed to edit books by experimental authors. We produce and promote self-published books by experimental authors of little diffusion and we make an annual open call to produce and publish a no-photobook.

Photobooks that are not just books  

for the creation of an experimental photobook


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We invite our entire international community to participate and collaborate in this call to create and publish an experimental photobook . In these years of work, we have seen how complicated it is to publish photobooks with experimental proposals. To resolve this gap, we have decided to create this call with a clear community will: with everyone's support we will make it possible to publish a photobook every year.

We have received 44 projects from 25 countries around the world with 55% carried out by women. The final pre-selection of 6 projects is irrevocable and has been produced from the blind cross between the votes of the designer of the final photobook, Sergio Lairisa, and the directors of the Experimentalphotofestival Association, Laura Ligari and Pablo Giori. The three of us have been able to study all the projects and we have been surprised by the quality, diversity and quantity of projects submitted. Here you can see the 6 selected projects:


- Ed Back - 100,000,000 Years 

- Maria Siorba - Semitones in the silence 

- Max Van der Wal - ID 

- Stéphanie Probst - Camera Intima 

- Morgana Costa Ucher - Shadow of the Universe 

- María Antonella Calcagno Pueyo - Not street photography

These 6 selected projects will be presented during EXP.22 (in person and online). During the day of the presentation, our team will work with the authors and decide the winning project. It will be announced at the closing conference of the festival, on Sunday, July 24.

General bases:

  • Individual or collective projects of all types and stages of preparation are accepted.

  • Participation has a price of 25 euros as a pre-purchase of the final book. This means that all participants will receive a copy of the edited book, whoever is the winner, without paying shipping costs.

  • The jury is made up of the Experimentalphotofestival Association, Aida Navajas, and Sergio Lairisa and their decisions will be final.

  • It is possible to submit more than one proposal but each one has to be paid individually.

  • All participants commit, when submitting their proposal, to actively participate in the process of creating the final photobook, respecting the proposed production schedule. The Experimentalphotofestival Association reserves the right to revoke the award and select another project if the winner does not meet the agreed conditions.

  • All the participants of this call declare to be authors and owners of the rights and the content of the submitted project (texts, images and graphic design).

  • The Experimentalphotofestival Association will be in charge of the creation, production, and dissemination of the photobook, as well as its international distribution through our platforms.

  • The final price of the published photobook will be 25-35 euros (+ shipping)

  • Registration process: at the end of this page you will find the link to the registration form where you must send their personal data, a description of the project in text format of up to 4,000 characters, a biography of up to 2,000 characters, up to 10 images and a PDF mock-up (if it exists) with a maximum of 10 MB. After filling out the form and to complete your registration, you must pre-purchase the book. Participants who do not complete this last step before the end of the call will be discarded.

The select artist:

  • Will receive free access to all the courses of Ágora, school of experimentation, from the period September 2022-June 2023 (valued at 450 euros).

  • Will receive 10 books, shipping included, as copyright of the first edition. The rights of the images included in the book will belong at all times to their author, giving their use for the publication of the book and for communication and dissemination.

  • Will participate in the book presentation during the EXP.23 festival, July 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.


  • February and March: open call;

  • 1 May: announcement of the 6 selected projects;

  • July during EXP.22: presentation of the finalist and selection of the winning project;

  • August 2022-March 2023: preparation of the book;

  • July 2023 during EXP.23: book presentation.

by Belen Vilanova


Our first project:  For inside | Into of Belén Vilanova

designed and conceptualized by Aida Navajas

This book is a laboratory on self-image. It is an introspective game, a record of processes that show a way of operating on my own memory, on the changes and fragility of life. 

This book is divided into four chapters, one for each stage lived:

C1. Solidifying Childhood;

C2. Youth is Boiling;

C3. Incinerating Adolescence and;

C4. An Evaporated Present