EXP.Photoprojects, photobooks that are not just books, is a publishing house designed to create small books by experimental authors who have never had the chance to see their projects printed.

Photobooks that are not just books.


We produce and promote self-published books by low-diff experimental authors and make an annual open call to produce and publish a book.

Our first project is already published: Para adentro | Into by Belén Vilanova, designed and conceptualized by Aida Navajas. You can buy it in the link below!


In addition, we are broadcasting three self-published books: Film-Soup Diary by Carlos Baselga, Querida Natacha by Natacha Ebers and Unexpected Inhabitants. 12 Key Ideas on Double Exposure and Film Swap by Pablo Giori.


In October we will do an open call to present models, of which we will select 10 that will be presented during the EXP.21. The winning proposal will be produced in the following months.