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Creative Photography with Sibux




2 hours

About the workshop

If you like crafts, this is your workshop. Scissors, cardboard, colored vinyl and even a toothbrush. We will give free rein to our imagination and creativity in pure Do it Yourself style. The philosophy of this workshop is also recycling, so we will give a new life to some everyday objects so that our photographs become imaginary worlds. Create snowy landscapes with an internal mask and the EBS technique, fill your photos with fluttering butterflies using creative bokeh, create 3D effect photographs with color filters by recycling some carpesan dividers, or make your photos from the heavy metal concert even more \"heavy\" with the film scraping technique... All this and much more is what you will find in this workshop that you cannot miss. Come loaded with film and an analog camera if you have one because you will be able to experience it all.

+  Where: Online (at home)

+  Date: You can see your course whenever you want

+  Access: You will receive an email with all the information and the invitation to our Telegram chat

Your teacher

He is passionate about analog magic and experimentation, he started with photography almost by chance, discovering the world of Lomography. He has always been active in the creation of various artistic branches (such as ceramics, music or performing arts) and in the Lomographic community he found a new field where he could create and experiment. His work is mainly based on the intervention and/or modification of cameras, lenses and film rolls, thus achieving unreal images that represent a distorted, sometimes unrecognizable point of view of reality.

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