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What are we?

EXPERIENCE & TRIAL. Experimentalphotofestival is a non-profit cultural association whose objective is to create, promote and disseminate experimental photography in all its forms. For this, we consider essential the creation of an international community of artists that can support each other, recognize each other from equality and create shared projects.


Our way of thinking and organizing the festival is sustained from the belief that it is in experimentation and rehearsal where the full exercise of equality, freedom and creativity is exercised. We want to create spaces for creation, reflection and exchange of knowledge where proximity prevails between artists from all over the world who stimulate and provide feedback on their practices.

Experimental Photo Festival Association

The time has come to put the experimental as an attitude in the center of photography.

This artistic practice exists, resists and insists since the very creation of photography and its fertile land has been the peripheries, where the canons of the established and the absolute truths do not reach. Our intention is to strengthen and disseminate our own story by offering the experimental artistic community a space to expose their works, thoughts, and share their techniques, their searches and concerns. We are an association in a permanent search for different expressions from a trans-disciplinary perspective since we understand that photography is nourished by cinema, video, painting, architecture, music, sculpture, dance, and other artistic and social expressions.

The Experimental Photo Festival is the culmination of the annual work of a large number of artists who take advantage of this moment of pause to meet, share knowledge, and create shared projects. The International Festival of Experimental Photography is possible thanks to the support of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and the tireless work of a team of 14 people and 40 volunteers. Every year, more than 300 international artists and photography lovers meet with the aim of generating a common space to share, learn and debate about experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, optics and films to processes of printing, intervention, and production of copies, exhibitions, and photobooks. Among the organized activities, there are discussion tables, presentations of projects and experiences, collective laboratories of photographic projects, workshops, and collective and individual exhibitions.


The future is experimental and nonconformist and is in dialogue with other arts, in the mixture of languages and projects. Experimentation is experience rather than results.

Experimental Photo Festival Association


Laura Ligari Experimental


Graduate in languages, arts and cultures, graphic designer and photographer (95% self-taught). Doctor in falling asleep early. She has been using disposable cameras since '98 and her goal is to spread empathy, inclusivity and introduce new artists. Pizza lover, Facebook hater.

Co-director, in charge of design, dissemination, editorial and back office


With a PhD in Contemporary History, a master's degree in Communication and a master's degree in Cultural Studies, he serves as co-director of the International Festival of Experimental Photography and Agora, School of Experimentation, combining academic knowledge with practical experience. My mission is to inspire transformative change through teaching and cultural management to understand the future of photography.

Co-director, in charge of the program, budget and subsidies

Pablo Giori Experimental
Astrid Jacomme Experimental


Half chemical engineer, half self-taught photographer. Editor and collaborator in the cultural magazine Le Cool Barcelona and the magazine Instant Photographers. Traveler without borders. Addicted to concerts, street art, pineapple pizza and Angela Davis' lectures. In love with the city of Barcelona from the first day, she never tires of wandering through its streets with her Polaroid camera.

In charge of artists, virtual exhibitions and content


Person, passionate about technology and fond of photography. He loves listening to music, traveling and getting to know new cultures, people and learning, never stops learning. Always ready to help.

In charge of registration and new technologies

Toni Experimental


Graduate in Theater, multifaceted producer and Master's student in Cultural Management in Barcelona. Transfeminist and vegetarian by conviction. Lover and activist of the bonds created and watered from love.

In charge of exhibition and stand production


Passionate photographer with a degree in Photography Direction. Photographer, workshop leader and technician at La Revelona, a laboratory and production company, of which he is the creator. Bathroom baritone (he has a shower; his voice is missing). He firmly believes in experimentation and testing as a means for art to constantly question itself. Proud owner of a Hotmail email account.

Responsible for workshops, materials and international conflicts

Gal Wachs Experimental
Paula Mulatti Experimental


Chilean architect dedicated to heritage and landscape, Master in Cultural Management. He began photography out of innocence and ended up framing his world in 35mm. She is a member of Cooperativa Atkins, a community of photographers and alternative processes founded in Valparaíso. Pilgrim of parties and birthdays, afraid of piñatas and hard sports, taster of thresholds and corners, inevitably moved by good intentions.

In charge of workshops and artists


Pota blava by birth and inveterate traveler. I've been capturing moments for as long as I can remember. Dreamer, brave, fighter and strong, very strong. Sushi monster. Administrator and founder of Grisphoto and Estudi25.

In charge of dissemination and director of the photography department



Colombian farmer living in Barcelona with the goal of studying photography at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. Creator and editor of Mixology in Action, lover of cocktails, beer and music. He lives to travel and transmit tranquillity. Inequality bothers him a lot, which is why I also do photojournalism and street photography.

In charge of registration, workshops and stand


Self-taught par excellence, he has studied and worked simultaneously in photography, film, early childhood education, cocktails, car mechanics, theater, and wrestling was on his mind. Soul of a swallow, tongue of a parrot (because it is talkative, not because it is harsh) and the stomach of a mouse. And since four eyes see more than two, she hits the REC instead of the SHOOT.

In charge of dissemination and director of the audiovisual production department

Arantxa Berganzo Experimental


She studied physics and humanities, but is actually a colony monitor. Equal parts teacher and mother, he cycles from end to end of Barcelona every day. Crazy about her family and friends, she likes to read, dance, laugh, learn and try new things all the time. He researches urban art things and is dying to do something one day, who knows... 

In charge of coordination in Ágora and responsible for the volunteers


He studied for 3 years to be an aeronautical mechanic, but no, analogue photography, laboratory processes and experimentation led him to work as a "lab-guy" developing film and experimenting with anything.
Lover of patatas bravas and dystopian books.

In charge of virtual exhibitions and workshops

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