Experimentalphotofestival is a non-profit cultural association that aims to create, promote and disseminate experimental photography in all its forms.


For this reason, we consider it essential to create an international community of artists that can support each other, recognize each other from equality, and create shared projects.


The time has come to put the experimental

as an attitude in the center of photography.

what are we?

This artistic practice exists, resists and insists since the very creation of photography and its fertile land has been the peripheries, where the canons of the established and the absolute truths do not reach. Our intention is to strengthen and disseminate our own story by offering the experimental artistic community a space to expose their works, thoughts, and share their techniques, their searches and concerns. We are an association in a permanent search for different expressions from a trans-disciplinary perspective since we understand that photography is nourished by cinema, video, painting, architecture, music, sculpture, dance, and other artistic and social expressions.

The EXP.21 festival is the culmination of the annual work of a large number of artists who take advantage of this moment of pause to meet, share knowledge, and create shared projects. The International Festival of Experimental Photography is possible thanks to the support of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and the tireless work of a team of 12 people and 50 volunteers. Every year, more than 300 international artists and photography lovers meet with the aim of generating a common space to share, learn and debate about experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, optics and films to processes of printing, intervention, and production of copies, exhibitions, and photobooks. Among the organized activities, there are discussion tables, presentations of projects and experiences, collective laboratories of photographic projects, workshops, and collective and individual exhibitions.


The future is experimental and nonconformist and is in dialogue with other arts, in the mixture of languages and projects. Experimenting is experience rather than results.




Degree in languages, art, and culture, 95% self-taught graphic designer and photographer. Feminist and Ph.D. in falling asleep soon. She has Italian origins and a feeling of not belonging to any territory. Pizza lover, Facebook hater.


Co-director, responsible for design, social media, editorial, and back office.



Cultural manager, passionate about both historical and experimental photography, Ph.D. in contemporary history, unexpressed desires facilitator, civil engineer of unknown bridges and roads.


Co-director, program manager, budget, grants, and tours.

14. Astrid.jpg


Half chemist engineer, half self-taught photographer. Redactor and collaborator with cultural magazine Le Cool Barcelona and Instant Photographers. Traveller without borders. Addicted to concerts, street art, pineapple pizza and Angela Davis conferences. In love with Barcelona since the very first day, she is always keen to stroll along its streets with her Polaroid camera.


In charge of artists, online exhibitions & content.


Colombian farmer living in Barcelona with the already accomplished goal of studying photography at the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. Creator and editor of Mixology in Action, lover of cocktails, beer and music. I live to travel and transmit tranquility. I am very bothered by inequality that is why I also do photojournalism and street photography.

Responsible for registrations, workshops and stand.



Artistect from Tucuman, creator of ideas and projects between Argentina, Spain, and France. Actress, set designer, architect, curator in visual arts, graphic designer, art director in audiovisual projects, feminist and music lover. She is happy with an empty space to be filled with works and proposals that speak to the world in a sensitive and peculiar way. Ninja in creating spaces and objects with precarious materials, always with marks on the legs because her anxiety always comes first then her motor skills. Since 1989 giving everything to the service of good questions that make humanity think.


Responsible for graphic design, editorial, and exhibitions.


Passionate photographer. Sleepless artist. Music lover although nice. Passionate traveler. Bathroom baritone (he has the shower; it lacks the voice). Proud holder of a Hotmail email account. Lumberjack in the fjords.


Responsible for workshops, materials and international conflicts.

13. Paula.jpg


Chilean architect dedicated to heritage and landscape. He started in photography out of innocence and ended up framing his world in 35mm. She is a member of Cooperativa Atkins, a community of photographers and alternative processes founded in Valparaíso. Recently based in Barcelona and studying a Master in Cultural Management. Pilgrim of parties and birthdays, fearful of piñatas and hard sports, taster of thresholds and corners, inevitably touched by good intentions.


Responsible for workshops and artists.


Blue leg from birth and inveterate traveler. She captures moments since she has consciousness. Dreamy, brave, fighter and strong, very strong. Sushi monster. Administrator and founder of Grisphoto and Estudi25.


Responsible for social media and director of the photography department.



Person, passionate about technology and fond of photography. He loves to listen to music, traveling and meeting new cultures, people and learning, never stop learning. Always ready to help.


Responsible for registrations, new technologies, and volunteer management.


Self-taught by antonomasia, she has studied and worked at the same time photography, cinema, children's education, cocktail shakers, car mechanics, theater, and wrestling remains pending. Swallow's soul, parrot's leg (talkative, not rough) and mouse stomach. And as four eyes see more than two, she uses the REC instead of the SHOOT.


Responsible for social media and director of the audiovisual production department.



She studied physics and humanities, but is actually a colony monitor. Teacher and mother in equal parts, riding her bike from end to end of Barcelona every day. Crazy about her family and friends, she likes to read, dance, laugh, learn and try new things all the time. She researches street art stuff and she's dying to do some one day, who knows ...


In charge of coordination at Ágora and responsible for the volunteers. of EXP.22.