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Experimentalphotofestival is a non-profit cultural association that aims to create, promote and disseminate experimental photography in all its forms.

Who can participate in the EXP.22 festival?

The International Festival of Experimental Photography EXP.22 is open to photographers of all levels (consolidated or beginners), techniques (analogue and digital), countries and languages, interested in any of all aspects of experimental photography. General registrations are now open that give the right to participate in workshops and conferences and to present a dossier to be studied by the curators for the exhibitions and for the portfolio review. At our festival, everyone can show their work, do workshops or conferences or participating in exhibitions. If you can't come to Barcelona don't worry! In the month of June, we will present the online festival where you can see all the conferences and do 5 exclusive online workshops.

When and where will it take place?

The festival begins on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, with openings of two exhibitions. On Wednesday, July 20 at 9:30 in the morning at the Pati Llimona Civic Center the accreditations, workshops, and conferences begin. That night we will also have the opening of two exhibitions. The daytime program is repeated every day, starting on Thursday the 21st with night activities in the Nau Bostik from 19:30 to 23hs where we meet to share, eat and do special activities. On Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd, and Sunday the 24th, starting at 9 in the morning, the activities take place between the Pati Llimona Civic Center and the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya until 7:00 p.m. and later in the Nau Bostik.

Is registration the same for all participants?

Yes. All participants must pay the general registration, which gives access to the festival activities, and the number of workshops that best suits their economic situation. Workshops cannot be purchased without having previously made the general registration for the festival. The price does not include transportation, food, or accommodation.

Can I send photos or a project that has already been submitted or even published?

Yes. The festival aims to disseminate and share the work of experimental photographers at different times in their careers. Unlike other festivals, we create our exhibitions from the material sent by the participants themselves so that they can become known among themselves and learn from the work of others.

Is it possible to sell products?

Yes, but only if they are their own productions. During the festival, we will have a stand where participants can sell small objects, such as books, films, fanzines, cameras, or postcards in a 20x30-centimeter space, at no cost or commission for the artists. The only thing that is asked of them is that the products to be sold have a single price to simplify the payment and the refund of the money. This space is very important to dignify and disseminate our work and it is also a space where we can make ourselves known and share with the people we meet during the festival. In the month of April, a call will be opened for them to propose products to sell and we will make a selection according to the type so that it is as varied as possible. Later, we will inform you about the selected ones and the place where their products will be sold. Everyone must pick up their products before Sunday 24 at 7:00 p.m. The organization is not responsible for the shipment of the material that remains after this moment.

What is the official language?

The contents are taught in English or Spanish depending on the person who develops the activity. The organization is very aware that the program includes activities in both languages during the five days of the festival. With participants from more than thirty countries, the language of personal exchanges is usually English and Spanish.

How are the activities financed?

As can be seen in our page on transparency, the festival is financed only with the money coming from the inscriptions, since there are no private subsidies and the public ones are minimal and are destined to pay 25% of the price of the rents of the spaces. You can collaborate by inviting people to participate in the festival, Agora, or buying our products.

Equality and respect, above all.

Our festival has been built on the basis of equality and respect among all people. We believe in diversity as a form of activism and we will not tolerate any attitude that goes against equality, diversity, and respect for human rights. We work every day to make this festival a meeting place where diverse communities (LGBTIQ +) feel at home and can participate by learning and teaching from their experience. From the festival, we contribute to the construction of a conscious, diverse, and egalitarian society, we will not support any macho, homo / lesbo / transphobic, sexist, and/or racist attitude.

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