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 a non-publishing of non-photobooks

Four years ago we created our own publishing house because we saw how difficult it was to get publishers who want to publish experimental photobooks. Now that it is a reality and we have published 7 photobooks and 3 catalogues, we hope you will support us since that money is what we invest again every year in our call for photobooks. Join us!

I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare
Sergei Stroitelev

Portada Sergei.jpg

This photobook delves into the harrowing aftermath of the war in Ukraine, ignited by Russia's aggression in 2022. The narrative, presented through the lens of a displaced freelance journalist fleeing censorship, unfolds as a haunting portrayal of personal turmoil amidst societal upheaval. Stripped of freedom of speech, the protagonist grapples with guilt and shame while navigating a landscape marred by repression and fear. The book captures the visceral impact of conflict on the individual psyche through a multi-layered visual narrative, including diary entries, nightmarish red visuals symbolizing trauma, and chilling news screenshots. Set against the backdrop of a blue forest—a metaphor for self-discovery amid chaos—the protagonist's journey becomes a poignant reflection of resilience and the quest for identity amidst adversity.


Camera Intima
Stéphanie Probst

Portada Camera Intima.jpg

This photobook explores womanhood, body image, and self-perception through a series of intimate portraits. Guided by feminist principles of empowerment and consent, the project creates a safe space for women aged 23 to 53 to discuss their experiences and emotions candidly. Participants engage in open dialogue before deciding whether to join the photographic endeavour, granting permission for their words and images to be used. The artist, grappling with her body changes due to health issues, initiates conversations about normalcy and body image, inviting others to reflect on these themes. Employing pinhole photography for its contemplative nature, each exposure becomes a performance, capturing a slice of life and fostering a sense of reverie. The resulting portraits, paired with selected sentences, form a collective narrative, blending voices and images to create a multi-dimensional portrayal of womanhood.

Max van der Val Experimental

ID is a research into the emergence of myself, a complex chaotic mess of memories and impulses through the means of transformed photography, a medium inexplicably linked with memory. My experimentations with mordançage in black and white and colour have given me various transformational degrees which I use to answer questions: how do we recognise objects? How does a tiny patch of red, green and blue coloured gelatine show us the faces of our loved ones? What role does memory play in our ability to recognise? What are the required features of an object for it to be recognisable? Where lies the perceptual limit of our recognition of an object and which aspects are of importance?


Morgana Costa Ucher

Morgana Ucher Experimental

Shadow of the Universe is a visual journey through the hidden macrocosm accompanied by a poetic voice. 97% of the matter that makes up the universe is dark matter. This matter holds secrets related to the origin of the universe, in different forms such as dark stars, filaments, nebulae or galaxies. The abstract imaginary allows us to recompose and imagine from our own subjectivity the meaning of the photographs. Moving away from a scientific discourse that seeks truth and objectivity, this photobook praises the intuition and imagination that shadows and dim places foster.