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Four years ago we created our own publishing house because we saw how difficult it was to get publishers who want to publish experimental photobooks. Now that it is a reality and we have published 5 photobooks and 3 catalogues, we hope you will support us since that money is what we invest again every year in our call for photobooks. Join us!




ID is a research into the emergence of myself, a complex chaotic mess of memories and impulses through the means of transformed photography, a medium inexplicably linked with memory. My experimentations with mordançage in black and white and colour have given me various transformational degrees which I use to answer questions: how do we recognise objects? How does a tiny patch of red, green and blue coloured gelatine show us the faces of our loved ones? What role does memory play in our ability to recognise? What are the required features of an object for it to be recognisable? Where lies the perceptual limit of our recognition of an object and which aspects are of importance?