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Open Call

for the creation of an experimental photobook

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We invite our entire international community to participate and collaborate in this call to publish an experimental photobook. In these years of work, we have seen how complicated it is to publish photobooks with experimental proposals. To resolve this gap, we have decided to create this call with a clear community will: with everyone's support we will make it possible to publish a photobook each year.

The shortlisted for Experimental 2023 are:

- Stéphanie Probst - Camera Intima
- Janie Julien-Fort - Fantôme
- Sergei Stroitelev - I Wish it was Just a Nightmare

- Najhmi Cartagena - El arte de perder
- David Lowe - Abandoned Churches
- Raquel Quirós Lebron - Aproximaciones a lo materno

Bases of the open call:

  • Individual or collective projects of all types and states of preparation are accepted until December 31, 2022.

  • Participation has a price of 25 euros as a pre-purchase of the final book. This means that all participants will receive a copy of the edited book, whomever the winner is, without paying shipping costs.

  • The jury is made up of the Experimentalphotofestival Association, Aida Navajas and Sergio Lairisa and their decisions will be final.

  • It is possible to send more than one proposal but each has to be presented and paid individually.

  • All participants agree, by submitting their proposal, to actively participate in the process of creating the final photobook and respecting the proposed production schedule. The Experimentalphotofestival Association reserves the right to revoke the award and select another project if a winner does not meet the agreed conditions.

  • All participants in this call declare to be authors and owners of the rights and content of the submitted project (texts, images and graphic design).

  • Experimentalphotofestival Association will be in charge of the creation, production and dissemination of the photobook, as well as its international distribution from our platforms.

  • The final price of the published photobook will be 25-35 euros (+ shipping)