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Monographic Courses

Creative Photography

In this course we are going to learn different photographic intervention techniques based on the handmade spirit. From camera and film modification to printed images, we will enjoy creating new images or modifying the ones we already have. Carrying Do It Yourself and recycling as our lema, we will give a second life to everyday objects, such as binder dividers, cardboard cutouts or a toothbrush to turn them into filters, masks and tools to intervene cameras, photographic film and printed images. Do you want to create starscapes with an internal mask? Do you want to fill your photos with fluttering butterflies with the creative bokeh technique? Do you want to make the photos you took at the rock concert even heavier by scratching off the negatives or transport yourself Upside Down by exposing both sides of the film? You will learn that and much more in this course. In addition, we will talk about the creative process and the importance of linking techniques and messages to create powerful and organic images.

+  6 Sessions

+  22 Techniques

+  4 Workshops

+  2 Meetings

+  1 Chat with the artist to share material and answer questions


+  Teacher: Sibux

+  Dates: from April 8 to May 27

This course is repeated in September and December

+ Duration: 12 teaching hours. Each student manages their time.

The meetings have schedules but it is not mandatory to participate

+  Level: no prior knowledge is required

+  Modality: pre-recorded online with 2 live meetings

+  Language: Spanish videos with English subtitles

+  Price: 100 €


April 8!


Multiple exposures - Panoramas - Cameras and creative filters - Internal masks - Splitzer - Film soup - Light leaks - Light painting - Destruction - Redscale - EBS - Scraping - Pre-intervened films - Photo Transfer - Photoembroidery - Collage - Stop Motion

esther dobles fulles024
taller lightpainting
IMG_20221215_150824_382 - Sibux Fotografia
vila lejiaredscale004
sergi painting007b



April 8, live online, ENG 19-21hs (Hora de España - GMT+2)

Meeting: Experimental photography: concepts, debates and techniques with Pablo Giori


April 15, pre-recorded, you will receive an email with the course early in the morning.

In this session, we'll be introduced to creative photography and D.I.Y., culture. We'll talk about creative processes and we'll learn together some tips about multiple exposures:

- Introduction to the course

- D.I.Y. as a life philosophy

- Techniques, message and creative process

- Multiple exposures

- Double exposure with ink effect

- Panoramics


April 22, pre-recorded, you will receive an email with the course early in the morning.

In this session, we'll learn some creative techniques to intervene on the camera, and we'll create some D.I.Y. gadgets for our cameras:

- Cameras and "industrial" creative filters

- D.I.Y Internal Masks: silhouettes, colours and mixed

- Color filters D.I.Y.

- Splitzer

- Creative cameras D.I.Y.

- Camera direct intervention


May 6, pre-recorded, you will receive an email with the course early in the morning.

In this session, we'll learn some handmade film intervention techniques and how to scan negative film intervened with film soup and other techniques:

- Film soup

- Stars of light

- Light leaks

- Light painting

- Bleaching and burning

- Redscale y EBS

- Scrapping of negatives

- Pre intervened films (Lomography and more)

- How to scan experimental film


May 13, pre-recorded, you will receive an email with the course early in the morning.

In this session, we'll learn how to transfer the image to different surfaces, like paper, wood or fabric, and different intervention techniques for printed images:

- Foto transfer

- Foto embroidery (on fabric and paper)

- Collage

- Stop Motion

References and inspiration


May 27, live online, ENG 19-21hs (Spain Time - GMT+2)

Presentations of student work, viewing of references and dynamics with questions

Retrato Sibux_edited.jpg

PROFESSOR: Sibux @sibux.fotografia


David Pérez (aka Sibux), linked to the art world since he was little (music, theatre, performance). He started about 15 years ago in the world of photography when he learned about the plastic universe of Toy Cams and experimental analogue photography. This leads him to train himself in different photographic disciplines and in a regulated manner in photographic technique (portrait, lighting) and in different old and alternative photographic processes, such as cyanotype, antitype, pinhole photography or Van Dike. As of 2018, he begins to shape his artistic project Sibux Fotografia, which combines his facet as a photographer with those of a trainer and educator.
His multidisciplinary experience, his artistic and personal background and his studies and professional experience in the social field, education and dynamization lead him to collaborate with other plastic artists, musical groups and other artists, to work as a creative photography trainer in centers civic, youth spaces, educational centres and cultural events and to participate in various international photography festivals. At the exhibition level, his photographs have been shown in artistic and cultural spaces and other alternative and urban spaces. In 2021 he participates in the installation of él Barri in the collective exhibition Processos, exhibited at the Espai d'Art i Creació Contemporanis Muxart, being selected for the 2019-2021 Valencia Biennial and obtaining an honourable mention in it. He currently combines photo sessions with the work of a creative photography trainer and is in the middle of the creative process of various exhibition projects.

- The courses are repeated in September and December. Whenever you want to work on a personal project, you can enter the Mentorship Experimental Project course if there are places available.

- It is possible to finance the cost of the course in instalments. Send us an email for more details

- The contents of all the courses will be available until September 1, 2024.

- Ágora reserves the right to modify aspects of the content if it deems it necessary. 

- The economic and administrative management of the Ágora is the responsibility of the Experimentalphotofestival non-profit association and the workshops purchased are non-refundable. All courses carry a VAT of 21% included in the price. During the payment process, you will be asked for a Passport number, NIE/NIF/CIF that must be provided solely and exclusively for accounting and tax matters. 

If you have doubts, write to us!

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