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Ágora, school of experimentation, is a space that we make together, each one contributing from their place. Our main goal is to create spaces for exchange around experimental photography that did not exist before. To bring about the 10 courses and almost 340 hours of content that we propose for the 2023-2024 academic year, we need to cover a series of expenses that are mostly fixed costs. This means that they are payments that we must make before starting and that they do not depend on the number of enrolled participants. The Experimentalphotofestival Association has assumed this risk knowing that we had the support of many participants and artists from our community.


We recognize people as our greatest value and that is why we look for the right price so that participants find content in an affordable way and in turn remunerate the dedication of our teachers and workers as best as possible. However, this balance is made up of other variables that are not usually taken into account and that has to do with the fact that the management and production of projects also have costs to pay: design, communication, web page design, postage, editing and production of the videos, subtitles, payment of digital platforms, bank commissions, back-office, accounting, artists, collaborators and everything that contributes to generate quality, diverse and innovative content.


In the table below we share the budget for our third year, the 2023-2024 academic year, with the breakdown of income and expenses. In summary, in each year of Agora we need 22,000 euros, of which total we use proportionally 37% for the payment of our teachers and their copyrights, 19% for the salaries of Agora team, and 23% for operational expenses and production of audiovisual content. It must be remembered that non-formal education in Spain has a VAT of 21%, which means that 21% of everything we charge goes to taxes. The salary that we have for all human resources is assigned according to their hours of dedication, with the following price/hour: artist/teachers, 50 euros; moderator, 30 euros and; management, direction and back office, 15 euros.


You can review more detailed information in relation to the economic objective and the current situation in the following table. We are a community, and we believe that transparency is essential to continue this relationship of trust:

Gender equality


We join the No Without Photographers protocol, committing ourselves to have at least 40% women in our activities. 

where we come from?

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