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35 artists

300 participants

40 volunteers

14 workers

62 workshops

18 conferences

5 portfolio reviews

with 4 international curators

12 individual exhibitions

3 collective exhibitions

1 summer camp

3 spaces

1 home, Barcelona

The Experimental Photo Festival 2023, will be carried out in Barcelona from July 19 to 23, 2023. Right now you can sign up to share the five days of the festival with the entire world community:

- Invited artists

- Exhibitions

- Program


  Workshops by techniques

  Workshops by day

- Accommodation

- Online Festival (June)


Read all the information below and see you in Barcelona for our experimental summer camp.

Grisphoto -9570_edited.jpg

More than 300 international artists and photography lovers will meet with the aim of generating a common space to share, learn and discuss experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, lenses, and films to printing processes, intervention, and production of copies, exhibitions, and photobooks. The non-profit Association Experimentaphotofestival has been created with the aim of making this event possible based on horizontality, gender equality, and transparency.

Among the organized activities are conferences, discussion panels, project presentations, workshops, horizontal portfolio reviews, dinners, concerts, and solo and collective exhibitions. Five intense days with activities from 10 in the morning to midnight in the middle of the Mediterranean summer. We call on photographers of all levels interested in experimental photography in a broad sense to come to Barcelona to make our three challenges a reality: mixing techniques, searching for the message, and creating collectively.

Do you want to participate?

and since we love friendship, we have created these special tickets for friends, lovers, couples and futurists!


1. The Experimental Photo Festival is open to photographers of all levels (consolidated or beginners), techniques (analogue and digital), countries and languages, interested in all aspects of experimental photography.

2. The general registration fee includes:​

. One or two 4-hour session workshops, depending on the purchased ticket. Subsequently, these will be exchanged for the final workshops of the program, as well as the possibility of buying more.

. ​Participation in the Vorkurs (Preliminary Course) of 2 hours (on Wednesday morning) and present your work in a Show and Tell session.

 . Entrance to all festival activities during the five days: conferences, panel discussions, project presentations, horizontal portfolio reviews, dinners and exhibition openings.​

. tote bag and the official program festival.

. The possibility that some of the photographs included in your dossier may be chosen by the curatorial team to participate in one of the collective exhibitions.

. Participation in our Art Swap Space to exchange works and photographic objects between artists where you can sell your work to all festival participants without commission, all the profit for you!

. If you give us your permission, we will share in our social networks the images from your dossier so that the whole community knows that you are coming to the festival. This strengthens the community and allows everyone to get to know each other even before coming to Barcelona.

3. Workshops can not be purchased without having paid for the general registration of the festival. When we present the program, you can exchange the workshops for the final ones and acquire more until your calendar is full. They will have a session (4 hours for €80), two sessions (8 hours for €160) and three sessions (12 hours for €240). The price is fixed and the same for everyone and has to do with the number of hours, regardless of the subject or technique. The price of the festival is the same for all participants and does not include accommodation, transportation or food.

4. Registered persons and their companions will be able to access the official accommodation of the festival for 240 euros for 6 nights, much cheaper than in other hostels or hotels in the city.


5. The maximum number of participants will be 300 people and the registration process will close once this quota has been reached.

6. To carry out the registration, you must buy your ticket and we will send you an email to fill out a form with your personal data and which you can attach a dossier with your images (to be published on our social networks and participate in the selection process for the exhibitions). Sending the dossier is optional but we always recommend sending some images, even if they are few, to have something to share and start a dialogue. During the payment process, you will be asked for a Passport number, NIE/NIF/CIF that must be provided solely and exclusively for accounting and tax matters. If you have any questions about the process, you can write to us at

7. The dossier may include up to 10 images and a description of the project and/or an artist statement. They can be from a single project or different photographs selected by the participant. Those who send a clear, coherent and complete project will have a better chance of being selected for the exhibitions. The images will be attached only in .JPG format with the name of each work, without exceeding 20 Mb between all of them. Shipments via WeTransfer, to our mail, TIFF files, or any documents outside the form will not be accepted.

_DSC0180 Francisca_edited.jpg

Rules and norms

1. Registration for the festival activities in Barcelona is personal, individual and non-transferable.


2. The festival has no "theme", this is organized based on experimentation and the three challenges posed during EXP.21: mix techniques, search for the message and work collectively. The projects and photographs submitted can be of any type and subject, even if they have already been exhibited, published or awarded previously. We accept dossiers or works by multiple authors (as in the case of film swaps) but each of the authors must purchase their general registration fee if they both wish to participate in the festival's activities in Barcelona.

3. If you think you can participate in the festival by giving a workshop or explaining your work at a conference, send us an email with your idea after submitting the form. The festival program comprises invited artists and participants that we invite to collaborate, without changing their status as participants.​​ All speakers have to give up their image rights to the Experimentalphotofestival Association in order to be part of them so that they can be disseminated in the online festival and Ágora.


4. During the event there will be collective exhibitions and each curator will choose freely from all the dossiers presented by the participants and the invited artists. Their selection is final. Each curator can decide the number of artists to exhibit and the way to do it according to the space that has been allocated to them by the organization and the budget. It is not possible to participate in the exhibitions without registering for the festival in person.

5. The participants who are chosen for the exhibitions will not have additional costs, but their participation and presence are required from July 17 for the assembly. May 1 will be the last day to submit dossiers for the exhibitions, after this date those registered will not have the right to participate.

6. The curators will contact the artists selected to exhibit and they will have to send the required high-quality images (TIFF high resolution 3000x5000, 300DPI) within 15 days to start the production of the exhibitions. As decided by each curator, the works can be brought by the artists or reproduced by the festival and must remain in Barcelona throughout the festival. All the people who will exhibit in Barcelona must sign a contract for the loan of the original work or for the use of the image for the copies, which includes the right of the curator to intervene and modify it with an experimental objective.

7. To participate in the workshops, in the horizontal portfolio reviews and in the show and tell it is mandatory to make a seat reservation, since these have a limited capacity. Starting in April, the workshops will be revealed and reservations will be opened in order of registration at the festival. Please keep an eye on email as workshops can sell out quickly. To attend the conferences, discussion panels and presentations of projects and experiences, it is not necessary to book in advance.

8. This year we will have four horizontal portfolio reviews, two in English and two in Spanish, which will function as workshops and will have the presence of international curators who will be able to select one of the works to be exhibited internationally: Stig Marlon Weston at Cyan Studio, Oslo; Julia Sbriller in Creadores de Imágenes, Latin America; Virginia Dal Magro at spazioSERRA, Milan, Italy; and Dale Rio at The Halide Project, Philadelphia, USA.

9. The official communication channels of the festival are our email, Instagram @experimentalphotofestival with the hashtags #experimentalphotofestival, and For better communication, we have created a group on Telegram where everyone can get in touch with the other participants and share information, doubts and queries.

10. During the festival we will have an Art Swap Space where all the participants and artists will be able to sell small objects, such as books, films, fanzines, cameras or postcards in a space of 20x30 centimetres, without any cost or commission to pay. The only thing that is asked of them is that the products have a single price to simplify the payment and the reimbursement of the money. During the month of June, a call will be opened for you to propose products to sell and we will make a selection according to the type so that it is as varied as possible. Everyone must pick up their products before Saturday, July 22 at 7:00 p.m. Subsequently, the organization is not responsible for sending the material and all the expenses generated will be borne by the artist.

Ready to share, learn and discuss experimental photography?
See you in Barcelona!

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General conditions

Registration entails automatic acceptance of the following rules, the same for all participants

  1. The participants give the Experimentalphotofestival Association the non-exclusive right to distribute and reproduce the photographs sent digitally (always indicating the name of the photographer and the title of the work) for promotion (for example: newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, the festival websites, Ágora, IEFC, Centro Cívico Pati Llimona, Nau Bostik and the galleries where the exhibitions are held), for exhibition, educational and commercial purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyright and ownership rights in the works. However, please also note that third parties such as educational institutions, journalists, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive images from our website with or without our knowledge. The Experimentalphotofestival Association will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for such use. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement of the privacy, property or copyright rights of others, caused by the creation or presentation of their work in public.

  2. Participants assign their image rights to the Experimentalphotofestival Association and it does not have the power to assign them to third parties without express consent. By registering, they authorize it to capture, reproduce and disseminate the images of the festival where their person is in still image or video format without geographical or temporal limitation and free of charge.

  3. The Experimentalphotofestival Association reserves the right to exclude from the festival those dossiers and participants who violate the general conditions of participation or who violate our values, copyright, and human or privacy rights.

  4. The Experimentalphotofestival Association is the organizer of the Experimental Photo Festival and the Agora, school of experimentation, which means that the assignment of rights to the association automatically allows its use by both events.

  5. The tickets purchased for the festival cannot be returned in any case. If the participant decides not to come to Barcelona, their ticket can be converted into a virtual festival ticket so that the participant can live the experience from anywhere in the world. 

  6. The Experimentalphotofestival Association reserves the right to make changes to the program until the last minute. The purchase of a ticket is equivalent to the purchase of the five days of activities and not to a specific workshop or activity.

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