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Introduction to Mordançage: Black and White Prints with Ella Morton




2 hours

About the workshop

This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of mordançage. Mordançage is an obscure darkroom technique developed in the 1970s by French photographer Jean-Pierre Sudre, which evolved from the 19th-century lye etching process. After producing gelatin silver prints in the darkroom, we will learn how to add veils and textures to each print with chemical mordançage. We will discuss the components of the chemistry, the bleaching and developing steps, and the emulsion handling techniques. Participants will learn the nuances of this haunting process and leave the workshop with the knowledge to create fully realized mordançage prints.

+  Where: Online (at home)

+  Date: You can see your course whenever you want

+  Access: You will receive an email with all the information and the invitation to our Telegram chat

Your teacher

Ella Morton @ellasharpmorton

Canadian visual artist and filmmaker living in Tkarón:to/Toronto. Her expedition-based practice has taken her to residencies and projects in Canada, Scandinavia, Greenland, and Antarctica. Working primarily with lens-based media, he uses experimental analogue processes to capture the sublime and fragile qualities of remote landscapes. She earned a BFA from Parsons School of Design (New York) and an MFA from York University (Toronto). She has exhibited in Canada, the US and Denmark and his work has appeared in a variety of publications. In 2021, his project The Dissolving Landscape won the Environmental Award as part of the Center Awards at Review Santa Fe.

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