If the EXP.22 festival is a success, each of the 12 area managers will get 200 euros (+ 50 in food and 50 in festival products) for having worked 4 hours a week for 8 months, so which should be paid, according to the minimum wage in Spain, the sum of 950 euros. The directors and the person in charge of the graphic design will have 1,000 euros (less taxes) for having been working 18 hours a week for 12 months, for which they should be paid the sum of 5,490 euros each. This means that, on average, the twelve managers will charge one of every six hours invested in the festival's production, all the rest is voluntary work. We consider it vitally important to be able to pay our workers to dignify their work and that they want to continue investing their efforts year after year in making this festival more and more experimental. If for the EXP.22 festival the minimum participants are not registered to cover expenses (240), the directors will bear the debt. In our festival there are 112 people who receive compensation (50 artists, 12 workers, and 50 volunteers) for 240 people who pay to register; for this reason, we cannot make more than a symbolic payment to all of them.

Of each inscription of 150 euros: 17.5% goes to pay the objects that the participants receive (catalog, tote-bag, program, etc); 16% to the 50 artists to defray their expenses; 9% are paid to the spaces as rent; 9 %  in streaming for the online festival; 8% in workers responsible for areas; 8% of the materials used in workshops; 7.4% in banking and platform commissions and economic management; 6.9% in direction and graphic design; 6.5% in exhibitions; 5% in the fifty volunteers (who are not paid but are given the products of the festival and given the food) and; 1.7% in various aspects (advertising, itineraries, transport, contingencies, meals).

Does the price of 150 euros for a registration seem expensive to you? We have calculated that in the case of paying all the workers for the hours they dedicate to the festival, the real cost would be 280 euros.

In this table that is updated monthly, you can see all the income and expenses of the festival.


gender equality

We commit to the protocol of No Without Female Photographers, committing ourselves to have at least 40% participation of women in our activities.

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