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Risography. The New Spirit of Printing

Risography. The New Spirit of Printing


In 1958, the Japanese company Riso released a printing device called the Risograph. Halfway between mechanical and digital printing, the printing process of this new device was based on screen printing techniques but it allowed printing a large number of copies as if it were a photocopier. In recent years more and more designers and artists are rediscovering this forgotten technology. With it, the colors are transferred to the paper without the use of heat or chemicals, which saves energy and makes the process more ecological. In addition, the printed result is distinguished by its vibrant and radically contemporary appearance thanks to the strength of the colour, a genuine texture and the perfect imperfection of its finishes.

This book documents this unique and unexpected renaissance in graphic printing, and provides an overview of the history and development of these machines, including other template duplicators that are also on the rise again, such as the Mimeograph or the Gestetner. . Packed with beautiful examples of experimental prints, flyers, cards, fanzines and print products, the book offers a current overview of the contemporary pioneers of the new risography and a selection of art-oriented publishers, printers and design studios from around the world. this printing technique.


Technical description of the book:

Edition: Gustavo Gili

20.5 x 25.5cm

232 pages

Spanish Language


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