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COLOMBIA | @conzpwr

Costanza Solórzano


Constanza was born in Bogotá in 1988. She is a photographer and anthropologist who works with images to explore themes such as time, memory, life, and death from a Latin American perspective. Currently, she researches how time works in photography as a researcher at IFILNOVA, the Institute of Philosophy at Nova University Lisbon. Her work has been exhibited in various countries and recognized by institutions such as the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture. Additionally, it has been featured in publications such as Transition magazine from the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Constanza is also a co-founder of the PlaPF Photographic Thinking Platform, which promotes artists and critical thinking about photography in Latin America. With over six years of experience as a university photography teacher, this work has been fundamental to her artistic and research career.

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