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SPAIN | @mcg.klamca

Elena Torres Gonzalez


Klamca is the alter ego of the artist, designer, photographer, architect, and mother, Elena González Torres (Barcelona, 1976). Currently, she combines her activity as a visual artist with still photography for film and television, teaching, collaborations as a writer and photographer for various media outlets. Under the pseudonym Klamca, she works on post-photography and video with a strong charge of denunciation and social criticism. Through the digital manipulation of appropriated images, she creates a particular universe where this histrionic alter ego dwells. Over the past years, she has participated in various initiatives, residencies, exhibitions, and artistic actions. In 2022, the project "Borradas, historia de la fotografía" (Erased, history of photography) was presented in Barakaldo at the BAFFEST festival, and at the end of the same year, the Central Library of Santander received the largest exhibition dedicated to the project to date thanks to the curatorial program of the Government of Cantabria. In 2021, it was exhibited in the network Espacios de Igualdad of Madrid City Council. During that year, she also participated in the Redes Vivas residencies.

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