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Francesco Amorosino


Born in 1984, he resides in Rome, where he works as a photographer, visual artist, and educator. He manages his research space, "il FotoStudio"; where exhibitions and courses are organized. In 2016, he won the Sony World Photography Awards in Still life category. His work delves into people's perception of reality, exploring themes such as mystery, the supernatural, conspiracies, and the mechanisms of power. He employs both digital techniques, including still life photography and digital collage, and analog methods, experimenting with various alternative techniques. One of his recent projects, "In Media Res" involves printing photographs on fragments of marble in the darkroom, creating photo sculptures. His works have been exhibited at renowned galleries, and he has held solo exhibitions at venues such as the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade and the Grenze-Arsenali Fotografici festival in Verona.

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