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HOLLAND | @hildemaassen

Hilde Maassen


At the age of eleven, she received her first camera, and by fourteen, she discovered the magic of the darkroom. Since then, she has been fascinated by the photographic medium. In her projects, she engages in an interactive and playful dialogue with photography, allowing happy accidents and technical imperfections. She questions what photography is and what may be hidden within the image during its creation. Tactility, structure, contrast, the transition from one medium to another, and the aspect of time are central points of their focus. She photographs clouds, inspired by the tradition of Dutch masters, and seeks to reanimate them through three-dimensional objects created from pixel data of their photos. Her work is experimental, crafting a reality often surrealistic from the non-existent reality captured in the photo. Through het art, she aims to raise awareness for the importance of observing clouds and provide a space for reverie.

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