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Ivelin Penchev


Ivelin Penchev, known as Ivicha, was born in a small village in Bulgaria. At the age of 15, he inherited his grandfather's analog camera, just as digital photography began to gain momentum. Despite limited resources, he experimented with expired films and development techniques through online research. Fascinated by the results, he delved into experimental photography with pinholes, photograms, and chemigrams. In 2019, he founded RadLab Studio, the only studio in Bulgaria with a public darkroom and historical laboratory. Together with his team, they specialize in traditional techniques such as Salt Print, Carbon Print, and Cyanotype. By integrating photography with subjects like mathematics and philosophy through educational initiatives, they enrich the local artistic landscape. RadLab has been recognized for collaborative projects, such as the recent exhibition at the National Gallery featuring contemporary Bulgarian artists.

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