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GERMANY | @jana.kiesser

Jana Kießer


Jana Kießer, born in 1989, is a multimedia artist and photographer. Graduating from Ostkreuz School for Photography in Berlin in 2018, she currently pursues a Master's in Art in Context at the University of the Arts Berlin, focusing on socially engaged art. Her work often explores feminist topics using plants as symbols. Jana’s artistic approach translates feelings of sexist discrimination into abstract visualizations using photographs of plants. The project "Now laugh!" explores everyday verbal sexism through a participative installation with personal narratives. As part of the project, Jana Kießer established a feminist roundtable to combat sexism and foster networking. Collaborating with Annemie Martin, their photographic dialog "On potato-roses and burning treetops" reflects personal narratives during the pandemic and was awarded with the German Photo Book Award.

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