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MEXICO - SPAIN | @montcarver

Mont Carver


Mont Carver, a Mexican photographer, filmmaker, and writer, explored various photographic processes during her Master's in Professional Photography at IED Madrid. Her focus on experimental cinema led her to video art, with projects exhibited in festivals like "En Las Olas" (2016) and "Hastío" (2019). She is known for her manipulation of images, from analog techniques to digital interventions, addressing themes such as gender and love. Her latest project, "Crying Queens" (2023), was showcased at Matadero, Madrid. She experiments with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, questioning its impact on LGBTQ+ representation in projects like 'Love In the Age of AI'. She is also a member of Creadores de Imágenes Madrid, a collective space exploring photography through words and community. Mont remains committed to creation and exploration in her quest to document the intimate and the hidden.

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