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BRAZIL - SPAIN | @schiett

Vitor Schietti


Vitor Schietti, born in Brasilia in 1986 but currently residing in Barcelona, is a visual artist dedicated to representing dreams and memories as fundamental elements of identity. His work spans a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to portraits, using techniques such as long exposure and light painting. In addition to his passion for photography, he is a rock climber and animal rights advocate, being the founder of The Vegan Utopia project. With a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication from the University of Brasilia, he founded a photographic studio in Brasilia in 2011. His series "Esculturas Impermanentes" received the PDN 2016 Photo Annual Award in New York. Schietti also has experience in film and commercial video production in Europe. During his time as cultural manager at the Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture, he contributed to the development of Barcelona's artistic scene. In 2020, he refocused on artistic and commercial photography.

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