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extended up to >>> January 8

Solo Exhibitions

Between December 1 and 31, 2023 We open the call to anyone interested in having an individual exhibition during the Experimental Photo Festival 2024, which will be held in ​Barcelona, ​from July 24 to 28, 2024. The experimental can be in its concept, the techniques used or the way of exposing them, or in all of the above.

Experimental Exhibitions

  • The 15 solo exhibitions will be held at the Centre Cívic Pati Llimona and the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya and it will be the curatorial team who will decide the space designated for each one. They will be open during the festival and will remain for a month.

  • ​The jury is made up of the festival management and workers who will accompany the artists in their work process. Their decisions are final. The selection will be carried out following four criteria in order of importance: 1) gender equality; 2) novelty in terms of the proposal and level of experimentation; 3) ability to carry it out; and 4) diversity of techniques and concepts in all areas of experimental photography.

  • The festival does not have a theme, it is organized on the basis of experimentation and the three challenges: mixing techniques, searching for the message and working collectively. The projects and photographs submitted can be of any type and subject, even if they have already been exhibited, published or awarded previously.

The selected people will be officially invited to participate in the festival and do not have to register or pay, but will instead be given 570 euros distributed as follows:

  • A maximum of 200 euros in the production of work, of the exhibition or in the transport of the same;

  • A ticket to access the festival without workshops (worth 100 euros) or with a workshop (180 euros) if the artist carries out a workshop on the technique of his exhibition;

  • The official merchandising (40 euros) and the lunches (50 euros);

  • Participation in a conference on experimental exhibitions;

  • 100 euros to take courses at the Ágora, School of Experimentation.

​The selected ones have to commit to being in the city of Barcelona to carry out the assembly on Monday, July 22 in the morning, or before, and stay until the festival closes. The technical team of the festival will accompany the assembly and dismantle of the exhibition but it must be done and it is the responsibility of the artist.

  • More than one project per person can be presented but each must go as an individual request. Group exhibitions or creative groups are accepted.

  • The exhibited works are not on sale.

  • Upon being accepted as curators, they will be sent a mandatory signature contract with the conditions stated here and other details. This contract will stipulate the form of payment and the transfer of image and intellectual property rights.

  • Enrollment in this call is final, the documents sent cannot be modified and the money for it will not be returned for any reason.

  • In addition to exhibitions, curators can propose workshops and conferences or they can be invited by the festival to perform them.

  • The results will be communicated individually by email from February 15.

  • The sending of the proposal has a cost of 20 euros.


In the following form, you must attach:

1. the text of your biography of between 300 and 600 words where your personal and artistic interests are explained;

2. a PDF dossier explaining the exhibition where the title, the curatorial text, the number of works, the square meters required, the assembly and technical needs must be specified. Additionally, up to 10 representative images of the exhibition must be attached to the same document;

3. a letter of motivation indicating the reasons why you want to exhibit at this festival and a high-quality portrait.

Experimental Exhibitions
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