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Basic Cyanotype with Sara Poer




1 hour

About the workshop

Sara will introduce us to the enchanting world of cyanotype, a historic photographic technique that uses photosensitive chemicals to create unique cyan-blue images. Throughout the workshop, participants will not only learn the technical foundations of cyanotype, but also explore its artistic and creative potential.

+  Where: Online (at home)

+  Date: You can see your course whenever you want

+  Access: You will receive an email with all the information and the invitation to our Telegram chat

Your teacher

Sara Poer @sarapoer

Sara is a photographer from West Lafayette, Indiana, specializing in working with textiles and photography. In 2018 he received an MFA in photography from Purdue University. She has exhibited her work at the Suwon Festival in Korea and also throughout the United States. Her work explores the fine line that separates craftsmanship from fine arts, continually transgressing the border between popular and cult art and mixing techniques traditionally assigned to women, such as embroidery or sewing with analog photography. Thus she explores the place of women in the current and future art world.

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