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Film Soup with Magic Potions with Juliana Gagné




3 hours

About the workshop

Explore the psychedelic world of film soup with this magic potion cooking class. Juliana works with disposable cameras that are destroyed during the use process. The cameras are stained, stabbed, frozen and baked and, through the destruction of the apparatus, a new image is born. We will explore different magic potion recipes for movie soups and experiment with the results of mixing different liquids, alcohols, detergents and spices. Juliana will explain the process of creating concept-based soup recipes and the various ways disposable cameras can be manipulated for experimental photography.

+  Where: Online (at home)

+  Date: You can see your course whenever you want

+  Access: You will receive an email with all the information and the invitation to our Telegram chat

Your teacher

Juliana Gagné @lavenderdiesel

She is an artist based in the United States, she says of her photographs that they exist in a state between fantasy and reality, between being asleep and awake. She plays with chaos and entropy, using disposable cameras and manipulating negatives before developing them.

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