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Intervened Photography with Belén Vilanova




1 hour

About the workshop

In this workshop, physical-chemical intervention processes and the reasons for these will be explained, accompanied by readings of images of experiments such as freezing, burning, boiling, adding different substances such as seawater, mushrooms, alcohols, dyes, among others; and we will observe its results. The attendee will think, experiment and reflect with their own photographs.

+  Where: Online (at home)

+  Date: You can see your course whenever you want

+  Access: You will receive an email with all the information and the invitation to our Telegram chat

Your teacher

Belén Vilanova @belenvilanova

She was born in 1985 in San Juan, Argentina. She grew up next to the Andes mountains, an arid and Andean place, influenced by her environment. She followed the Bachelor of Natural Sciences, where she became interested in changes, transformations of living beings and matter. Later he attended the University of Psychology, studying for two years people's reactions and feelings, how they are affected and how they express it. From that moment on, Belén changed her searches and decided to study Visual Arts at the National University of San Juan, graduating years later as a teacher. It is here that experimentation, thought and play between these three disciplines come together in some way in artistic production to constantly question the possibility of "a way of exploring the meaning of things and oneself."
Currently, Belén is located in Mataró, Barcelona, near the Mediterranean Sea in a humid environment with few thermal amplitudes, very different from its native San Juan. She continues to work on personal photographic images that physically and/or chemically intervene to change their apparent meaning. Therefore, she reflects on memories, the passage of time, changes, identity and adaptation to new environments.

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