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Between December 1 and 31, 2023, we open the call to anyone interested in being part of the International Experimentation Residency IEFC-EXP 2024. It will be carried out during the 10 days prior to the Experimental Photo Festival, July 13 to 23, 2024, and we invite participants to stay at the festival to share their experiences.

During your stay, each of the residents will have one day to do a theoretical-practical workshop where you have to teach an experimental technique that you know to the rest of the group. The residency aims to generate a small horizontal collaborative learning community where you can work with 8 different techniques. It is not a place where each of you individually will work on your projects (as in the traditional residency). It will conclude with a collective exhibition on the process of learning the different techniques, and not the results, on the ground floor of the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia.

Residencia Experimental

The Residency

  • will be directed and coordinated by Célica Véliz and she will be with the group during the ten days;

  • will have 8 participants of 8 different techniques;

  • accommodation will be at the Penyafort-Montserrat Residence in single rooms;

  • In the mornings at the residence, we will do the theoretical part of the workshops and in the afternoons we will be in the darkroom of the IEFC with the practical part;

  • during the first day, we will have a presentation and horizontal portfolio review with Pablo Giori;

  • the exchanges will be mixed between English and Spanish and the coordinator will help with translations if necessary.

To submit, you have to send

  • a workshop proposal with a theoretical part of 2 hours and a practical part of 4 hours;

  • a list of the materials necessary with prices for 8 people;

  • space and other requirements;

  • if you are selected, make a payment of 500 euros (which can be paid in monthly instalments).

If you are selected, the residency includes

  • 10 days of accommodation with breakfast included;

  • all workshop and exhibition materials;

  • a free ticket for the festival without workshops (at a cost of 100 euros). If the artist chooses to repeat his/her workshop during the festival, as compensation, he/she will be granted free entry to another workshop valued at 80 euros;

  • official merchandising: bag, t-shirt and photobooks;

  • participation in an exhibition and a conference about the residency.

The residency does not include

  • Accommodation during Experimental Photo Festival (it can be in the same place);

  • meals (except breakfast), nor the transfer of the participant;

  • other personal expenses.

The selection of residents will be made by the direction of the Experimentalphotofestival Association and its coordinator, Célica Véliz, and it is final. The results will be communicated individually by email from February 15. To be definitively accepted, those selected must sign a contract with the conditions stated here and the transfer of image rights.


The payment of 500 euros for the residence is used to cover accommodation (330 euros), materials (30 euros), bank and platform fees (30 euros) and taxes of 21% (110 euros). The coordinator's salary is paid by the Experimentalphotofestival Association thanks to public funding.

To register, you must download the form (1), and then submit the application (2) with the following information:

1.  the text of your biography of between 250 and 500 words;
2.  a PDF dossier about your work;
3.  a selection of 10 images of your work in JPG (10 MB maximum);
4. the form with the workshop proposal in PDF with the list and estimated price of the materials for 8 people and the characteristics of the required space;
5.  a high-quality portrait in JPG.

residency Experimental

General conditions

Registration entails automatic acceptance of the following rules, the same for all participants

  1. The tickets purchased for the festival and for the residency cannot be returned in any case. If the participant decides not to come to Barcelona, their ticket can be converted into an online festival ticket so that the participant can live the experience from anywhere in the world. 

  2. The participants give the Experimentalphotofestival Association the non-exclusive right to distribute and reproduce the photographs sent digitally (always indicating the name of the photographer and the title of the work) for promotion (for example: newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, the festival websites, Ágora, IEFC, Centro Cívico Pati Llimona and the galleries where the exhibitions are held), for exhibition, educational and commercial purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes. The photographer retains all copyright and ownership rights in the works. However, please also note that third parties such as educational institutions, journalists, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive images from our website with or without our knowledge. The Experimentalphotofestival Association will have no control over such downloading and the subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for such use. Participants assume and accept all legal and financial responsibility for any infringement of the privacy, property or copyright rights of others, caused by the creation or presentation of their work in public.

  3. Participants assign their image rights to the Experimentalphotofestival Association and it does not have the power to assign them to third parties without express consent. By registering, they authorize it to capture, reproduce and disseminate the images of the festival where their person is in still image or video format without geographical or temporal limitation and free of charge.

  4. The Experimentalphotofestival Association reserves the right to exclude from the festival those dossiers and participants who violate the general conditions of participation or who violate our values, copyright, and human or privacy rights.

  5. The Experimentalphotofestival Association is the organizer of the Experimental Photo Festival and the Ágora, School of Experimentation, which means that the assignment of rights to the association automatically allows its use by both events.

Ready to share, learn and discuss experimental photography?

See you in Barcelona!

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